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Ceremonies and Celebrations
contains model ceremonies for Weddings, Funerals, Namings and a full range of other ceremonies. It contains editorial advice for celebrants and their clients and a wide selection of readings.

Wedding ceremonies are easily adapted to gay commitment ceremonies.
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Ceremonies and Celebrations
CD contains all the readings in the book with permission to use and print for individual ceremonies only.
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Unsolicited Compliments and Testimonials for

Murphy' Law and the Pursuit of Happiness: A History of the Civil Celebrant Movement

Thank you Dally for your book, Murphy's Law. You have drawn on the work of a lifetime and it must surely be recognised as your opus, perhaps your Summa!!! You write with clarity, wit and out of your experience, presenting a history of the struggles in the area of civil celebrancy. Congratulations on giving it birth! It is a pleasure to have this book!
Terry Mc Bride 7-8-2012 (Jungian Therapist, Former President of the CG Jung Society of Sydney) ✔

Reading your book is filling in even more of the landscape and I am loving it. I'm taking it slowly - fitting it in around many other things that call for my attention. I really enjoy reading a bit whilst having breakfast or when I climb into bed. Last night I couldn't put it down and eventually I had to discipline myself and get to sleep! I am finding it very enlightening and educational - really enjoying getting the big picture and the detail of how it all came about. For me it is absolutely lovely to know from when you / we / I have come in this celebrant journey. I'm delighted you wrote it - THANK YOU!
Cherie Scott (long standing civil celebrant)

He describes how attitudes were so vastly different then, and the opposition which the new celebrants received from many quarters, with popular opinion believing they would undermine the role of the churches, and political opinion worried it would mean the downfall of Whitlam‚'s Labour Party... to the positive aspects ‚Äî the need to provide a dignified alternative to the soulless and ‚'sausage factory‚' marriage services conducted be- tween 9am and 4pm on weekdays in the Registry Office.
Liz Agius-Wiles (civil celebrant)

Congratulations on your book - there is so much more to being a Civil Celebrant than the general public realizes and the conservative forces would like them to know! Thank you for your effort at enlightening them!
And thank you, Dally, for this "journal" of epic proportions! The struggle
has indeed been epic! Thank you for this wonderful history of one of
Lionel Murphy's very special projects, which will ensure that its
history will not be forgotten! I am proud to have worked with Lionel,
and to have been your comrade, and so very proud that we are still here
to celebrate our 40th anniversary!
Junie Morosi (pioneer civil celebrant 1973) ✔

I can assure you all that it is a fantastic publication -- this book should become compulsory reading in all Celebrancy courses. I do hope that celebrants all over this country are motivated to buy it and read it.
Lois D'Arcy (first civil celebrant appointed by AG Lionel Murphy- 1973)

I got a book in the mail today! Written by Dally Messenger III who I find soooo fascinating!
I'm proud of him for paving the way for myself, to take up the privilege of helping my fellow human being express themselves, and acknowledge important people and life transitions through ceremonies.
Lisa Foster (civil celebrant) ✔

I have received a copy of your book and I started reading it immediately. I was fascinated! -- thank you for writing the book, only sorry you had to stop the history at 2000 in order to save yourself from litigation!
Colleen Atkinson (civil celebrant) ✔

I immediately started reading your book & finished it just before 3am! Read most of it in 5 hrs! Certainly thought it was a very thorough & detailed history of 1960s &1973-2000. I'm pleased to say I knew lots but also that I learnt lots! The early parts & social history were so fascinating for me… Overall, the book is an accuarate, detailed & passionate account of your pioneering, amazing & important life's work! With all my heart I wish you a geat big Mazel Tov & Congratulations on your life's work in this field & your book! You should be immensely proud of both!
Julie Ruth (former Executive Officer and Coordinator - Jewish Secular Humanist Society) ✔

I have also very much enjoyed reading Dally‚'s book. What a journey he has been on and how much we have to be grateful to him and his colleagues who pioneered Celebrancy often through very difficult waters.
Sandra Kinsella (civil celebrant)

I truly enjoyed reading Murphy's Law and the Pursuit of Happiness. What a wonderful History of the Civil Celebrant Movement.I am so grateful to you about your contributions and the rights for us to Be good celebrants\ and be respected by the law. My advice to all Celebrants around Australia — purchase the book.
Thanking you from my heart,
Jacqueline Celestin Corentin (civil celebrant) ✔

I truly enjoyed the historical journey recording your account of Civil Marriage Celebrant
path you have led us to in your recent book: Murphy's Law and the Pursuit of Happiness: A History of the Civil Celebrant Movement.
As a fairly new Australian immigrant and newer Civil Marriage Celebrant appointee, I appreciate learning more about the history behind how Australia has travelled from start of appointments to where Civil Marriage Celebrants are today by reading your book.
"We cannot know where we are going if we do not know where we have been!"
Denise L. Clair. (civil celebrant)

I love it. I am getting my teeth into your book & finding it both stimulating & interesting. It also ticks a few boxes with regard to my celebrancy.
Whilst stopping in 2000 was probably prudent, it would be worthwhile doing some preliminary writing on the 21st century,for later publication.
Rod Watson (long standing civil celebrant)

Very interesting reading and well written. Congratulations.
Rob Barfus (Retired businessman-not a celebrant)

I‚'ve just started reading your latest book and from the first chapters, am reminded of just what a visionary Lionel Murphy was ‚Äì it is very difficult to find such commitment and passion to a personal or political cause today.
I‚'ve also had the post-in sticky yellow notes out to mark ever-new thoughts for my ceremonies.
All community libraries should have this publication - surely a classic for civil celebrancy – not only for celebrants, but for anyone who has a taste for history.
Ruth Pilens (civil celebrant) ✔

Loving reading your book!
Charles Foley (long standing civil celebrant) ✔

I have just purchased your book through Yvonne and have just started to read it. Well done - Dally if I haven't said it before I am saying it now, thank you so much for the support that you give us Celebrants, you are always there for us with your support. I just wish Canberra would open their eyes!!
Lynnette Shell (civil celebrant)

Tue Jun 18, 2013 4:03 pm
Having purchased Dally Messenger's book on the history of Celebrancy in Australia, I am devouring it with delight, and enjoying the wonderful anecdotes, poetry and facts about every aspect of our work; congratulations and thanks to Dally on a life of sharing and passion.
Jenny Grierson
Turner ACT

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