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Actual quotes from Dally Messenger III prove that he was not price fixing in the Funeral Industry (ACCC).

ACCC and Messenger: Table of Contents

3 Mins 31 secs

I discovered something, by the way, when I went on an hourly rate. I thought it would give me freedom, but it actually gave the family freedom . . .
You can only do (all the work outlined) on an hourly rate.

3 Mins 34 secs

I listed a number of trades and professions which charge an hourly rate.
(see Keynote Address)
My plan for the future . . . I hope I can persuade you of this . . . every time you send a newsletter out you mention how much you charge for funerals – so much per hour – somewhere between $50 and $150 an hour I would recommend depending on your qualifications . . . and the ball park number of hours – mine – 10 to 20 hours.

1 Min 12 secs

To people in the current system . . . this is my advice, you probably won’t take it, but maybe you will . . . To the Funeral Director (you say) . . . I am invoicing the client direct . . . so if you invoice the client direct which is what I do . . .

I think the hourly rate would depend on people’s level of education, experience – BA, MA, Doctorate . . .

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