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Dallly Messenger III

Re Australian Competition and Consumer Commission - ACCC - and Dally Messenger III

Senator Judith Troeth: Speech in the Senate: defends Dally Messenger III against the ACCC.

Martin Foley MP: Victorian Member for Albert Park, Minister in the State Government of Victoria, asks the ACCC for answers regarding Dally Messenger III

Barrister Moira RaynerThe Business of Death (New Matilda). Explains the true position regarding Funeral Directors and Funeral Celebrants. "Dally Messenger’s life’s work has been to train and improve the quality of funeral celebrants".

Tony Gelme Celebrant: Media Release for AFCC: In the case of Funeral Celebrants & Dally Messenger III, the ACCC supresses fair trading.

Australian Financial Review - John Durie:The AFR's John Durie describes the ACCC as backing the Funeral Industry "against the little guy".

Poet Mark O'Connor: Dally Messenger III, the ACCC and payment for Funeral Celebrants.

Journalists Suzanne Carbone and Lawrence Money: The Age on Dally Messenger III and the ACCC: accusations false, unfair and costly - report by Suzanne Carbone and Lawrence Money.

Journalist Roland Rocchiccioli: Roland Rocchiccioli - astounded at the ACCC's treatment of Dally Messenger III.

Celebrant John Hill - Appeal Letter:John Hill, leading celebrant, explains the injustice of the ACCC's actions against Dally Messenger III.

Celebrant John Hill to Graeme Samuel of the ACCC:John Hill appeals personally to the ACCC's Graeme Samuel for a fair go for Funeral Celebrants.

Ange Kenos: letter to Australian Financial Review: Ange Kenos, civil celebrant, asks the ACCC why they ignore the "big fish" yet go after pensioner Dally Messenger III.

Transcript of Court Hearing:Dally Messenger III was not seeking monetary gain ,but that the community would regard hm as assisting others in good faith.

Quotes from Dally Messenger III's Keynote Speech: Actual quotes from Dally Messenger III prove that he was not price fixing in the Funeral Industry (ACCC)

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