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TIME-Funerals are us-Civil Celebrants TIME magazine on Funeral Celebrants

TIME Magazine article on the success of Australian Civil Funeral Celebrants


Funeral standards - how funerals work Funeral Standards, Fees & Prices
Articles on CelebrantsChoosing a Funeral Celebrant
Articles on Celebrants Funeral Poems & Readings 1
Funeral Poems and Readings Funeral Poems & Readings 1I
purple Funeral Poems and Readings III
Articles on Celebrants Funeral Music -List of Songs
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Planning Your own Funeral

Pet Funerals
Blue dot A Pet Funeral: O'Connor

Articles on Funerals (Good reading)
Articles on Celebrants TIME Magazine on our Funerals
Dally Messenger -keynote address on Funerals Keynote:Best Practice Funerals
Articles on Celebrants ABC Radio-Ockham's- D.Messenger
Articles on Celebrants Mark O'Connor-Story-2 Sisters
Crossroads Mark O'Connor -Funerals-Crossroads - Jan 30, 2008 - Civil Ceremonies at the Cross roads (unpublished) from Mark O'Connor mostly on Funerals but comments on Weddings, Namings and Adolescent ceremonies.
Articles on Celebrants Rayner-Funerals (New Matilda)
Articles on Celebrants Hurley-TraumaticFunerals
Carolyn Shaw Funeral Celebrant First Funeral - student's story

Murphy's Law-history-CMCs
Murphy to Whitlam 1973
DRM Letter to AG Brandis
DRM Letter from AG Brandis
40th Anniversary of CMCs - Marking

Open Letter to AG Roxon
Open Letter to AG Dreyfus
Problems -CMC Program in Oz

Prof Pryles_Legal Opinion2
Registrar &AAT-Ingleton
Section 48-Marriage Act
* USA Celebrant Foundation Launch
* Lois D'Arcy-1992- ACMCA
* Keynote Address AFCC 2009 DRM

Jan 16, 2007 - Letters to the Age (unpublished) from Dally Messenger and John Dean
on the "fun" celebrant, the Registry Office ceremony, and what is really happening out there.

November 22, 2007 - Funerals, the ACCC, and payment for Funeral Celebrants
by Mark O'Connor - Poet, Celebrant, Writer and Broadcaster - on what really happens when people arrange a funeral.

Nov 1, 2006 - Letter to whoever is responsible for the review of the Celebrants' Unit of Competency and Cerrtificate IV in Marriage Celebrancy
On what is wrong with Nationally Recognised Training and how it could be improved.

May 25 , 2005 - Lecture by Dally Messenger To Graduate Celebrants of Victoria University on the power of ceremony. Anecdotal accounts.

Sept 26, 2005 - Keynote address to Best Practice Funerals Conference (Dally Messenger)

Apr 29 , 2005 - Ockham's Razor on Funerals in Oz (recorded by invitation for the ABC) by Dally Messenger on the state of Funeral Celebrancy in Australia and how it can be improved.

Oct 3 , 1997 - On the Rev Anthony Freeman by Dally Messenger
on the difference between religious belief and unbelief and what it means

July 1 , 1979 - On Loss and Grief by Dally Messenger
on the nature of Grief

The following articles can be found in various places from here

If any of the nfolowing are of interest please contact Dally Messenger.

Approved and Waiting to be appointed a celebrant ? Dally Messenger III April 18 2005
To Attorney-General re Certificate for the Parties Dally Messenger June 01 2005
To Funeral Directors (Victoria) re Fee rise October 05 Dally Messenger III October 16 2005
Victoria Uni Graduation: Address by Bill Peacock OAM Bill Peacock OAM December 09 2005
2005 December 8: Address to Victoria Uni Graduates: Dally Messenger III Dally Messenger III December 09 2005
2001 October 25: 15th Lionel Murphy Lecture: Gippsland Trade Unions. Morwell, Victoria Dally Messenger III January 02 2006
2005 Sep: Keynote Address - D.Messenger - Best Practice Funerals Conference . Melb University - LESSONS FROM THE HISTORY OF CIVIL CELEBRANT FUNERALS. Dally Messenger III January 19 2006
Herald Sun Article on Remi and Dally Messenger and standards of Training Cheryl Critchley of Herald Sun March 01 2006
College Newsletter Feb-06 - dealiing with a range of issues Dally Messenger March 21 2006
2004 November: Address to Graduates of Victoria University by Dally Messenger Dally Messenger March 28 2006
2003 May 1: Graduation Address and Ceremony. College of Celebrancy, at Bayview Dally Messenger III March 28 2006
2005 May 25: Graduation lecture to Victoria University Graduates by Dally Messenger III Dally Messenger on March 28 2006
2000 Mar 27: Address to Marriage Educators and Counsellors at St John’s Toorak
Dally Messenger III March 31 2006
1997 History of the Celebrant Movement - Dally Messenger III April 14 2006
2006 Apr 16 - On the influx of 3000+ new celebrants to flood the market by Sep 2008